5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Going Through A Divorce

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1. Do not skip over collaborative divorce or mediation opportunities. These types of divorce methods incorporate professionals to help you sort things out. Collaborative divorces provide help from therapists, attorneys, and divorce coaches. They will help you divide property and relieve stress. This method is very cooperative and not as adversarial as others. Mediation provides you with one divorce mediator who can help you and your spouse reach an agreement by using an ongoing process. This method is very useful as well.

2. Do not avoid seeing a therapist. Seeing a therapist can help you to handle the vast range of emotions that you will experience during your divorce process. Your therapist will prevent these emotions from becoming extreme anger or depression. They are more than just someone to talk with. Therapists are professionals. They can teach you to relax, remain calm in court, and explain the proceedings to your children. The most pressing reason to use a therapist is so that they may help you to figure out how to become self-sufficient after the divorce.

3. Try not to rush the proceedings. It is imperative that you do not forfeit your own financial security in order to speed up this process. Make a couple copies of your important financial documents. These should include things such as pension statements, brokerage and mutual fund statements, tax forms, credit card statements, and other similar records. Ensure that you and your children will have sufficient health insurance throughout and after the divorce. If you are using a lawyer, ensure that you bring all the records and papers you need so the lawyer can take into account with you will need after separation.

4. Try not to get pregnant while your contemplating a seperation. Having a baby while you are getting divorced can complicate things a lot. It can even hinder your right to get a divorce. Women in the past have been denied a divorce in court because they were pregnant. However ridiculous this rule may seem, it is still a good idea to try to avoid pregnancy while filing for divorce. Many states do grant single parents the same rights as married ones but having a baby while going through all of the proceedings can be complicated.

5. Remember your children’s feelings as well. It is very difficult for children to deal with their parents getting divorced. You can make this process a lot easier for them by making sure that you’re a still a major presence in their lives and ensuring they know how much you care about them. Try not to talk about the divorce too much and most importantly, try to relax! Kids can tell when you are stressed and they then take on that stress as well.

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