A new Trial Day has been Placed for Zimmerman Murder Trial

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A new judge has been assigned to the murder trial against George Zimmerman for the demise of Trayvon Martin and a trial date was set this week. Judge Debra S. Nelson decided the case would go to trial June 10; nevertheless it is still not certain whether this case will basically make it to trial, and the date could change as both parties prepare their case for what's expected to be a three-week trial.

Nelson has been assigned to this case to replace Kenneth Lester, the judge originally assigned to the problem as the results of an appeals court controlling in Aug that indicated Lester should be removed for making disparaging remarks about Zimmerman’s personality. Lester had also advocated for further charges against Zimmerman when it was learned that he lied to the judge about how much money he had.

Zimmerman’s defense team tweeted online after the trial setting hearing it's likely that they will ask for a ‘stand your ground ‘ hearing in April or May. Under Florida law, the hearing can be requested by the defense and Zimmerman will be allowed to argue his self defense case before the trial. If the judge rules in favor of Zimmerman during this hearing, the case will be discharged and never carry on to trial.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for the shooting of Martin, which led to his expiration back in Feb of the current year in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman has claimed self defense, stating that he was driving thru his gated community on duty as a volunteer neighborhood watchman, when he and Martin exchanged words; Martin knocked him to the ground and banged his head continually against a concrete path. Martin’s death has rallied public support and outcry over race relations and gun control laws, as well as Florida’s ‘ Stand Your Ground ‘ law, which allows the use of perilous force when a person feels their private safety is threatened.

Both sides were in court on Friday over several discovery motions, the most plentiful of which needs Martin’s college and social media records to be handed over to the defense. It is had a suspicion that they're going to try to attack Martin’s personality. The decision might result in records such as Martin?s grades, attendance, and any disciplinary actions being disclosed to the defense. The judge will permit the disclosures in spite of Martin’s father’s pleas not to, stating that it’s wrong to attack the victim and our first concern shouldn't be to kill the character of the victims and make dead children seem like they are the perp.

The judge did also rule that Zimmerman’s medical records should be revealed too , though she specified that she'll first review the material to figure out if anything should be removed prior to getting handed over to prosecutors. Zimmerman?s lawyers have also announced that prosecutors aren't turning over info in a timely fashion and that they are not getting all of the evidence they have asked for. The outcome of these statements hasn't been reported.

Zimmerman is presently on the lam.

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