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Since women take a vital role in many aspects of social and community growth, it is just but right to give them a fair share of US government grants. Any person, regardless of gender would like the thought of being trapped in a dead end kind of job. However, life is never perfect as we always seem to get what we don’t desire the most. I myself, for several occasions in the past have landed on some horrible jobs for such a long time that made me feel so helpless and in the end always trying to get my way out.

Trying to survive for a job that you don’t really like will just put your efforts in vain and you will never attain satisfaction. Aside from the mere fact that you will not have much accomplishment that you can really be proud of since you are not going to provide your best effort and practice since you don’t really like your job. You will naturally not become so efficient in doing and performing your designated functions. You will always have one reason or two to complain about.

Since I myself have been into such kind of predicament, I know how it feels like to be trapped in job that you are not happy about. Sometimes it makes you really feel miserable and desperate when you see that you don’t have a way out. I can’t force myself to perform my best when doing my assigned duties since I am not focused to doing it.

Since there would be other financial obligations that need to get paid like utility bills, insurance and all, one suggestion that I can think of would be availing a US government grants for women. The federal grants that are exclusively for women will help them financially so that they can send themselves back to school and soon come off with better career opportunities.

In addition, the financial assistance awarded to them can be used for their financial obligations like their monthly house rent. This gives them the financial freedom which is a big factor when it comes to decision making whether or not they will decide to go back to school.

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