An Immigration Lawyer Orlando Pro Explains Provisional Waivers Process And Implications

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For those in the area who are affected by the recently gazette immigration provision waivers, the services of a competent Immigration Lawyer Orlando residents trust such as the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P. A. are definitely needed. As of the 4th of March2013, a provision was made that allows some immigrant visa applicants who are the immediate relatives of US citizens to make an application for provisional or temporary unlawful presence before leaving US.

This changes how things have been done. With this provision, those who only need a waiver of inadmissibility for being in the country unlawfully can put in an application for a waiver while they are in the US before leaving the country to be interviewed for immigrant visas. The interviews are held at US consulates or embassies in the country of origin of the applicant. Another change is that US citizens are separated from their US citizen relatives for a much shorter time since applications and reviews are submitted in the US.

As per the current law, immediate relatives of US citizens who are not eligible for the adjustment of their status in the country have to travel to their country of origin to secure an immigrant visa. Those who have been in US for more than six months days have to get a waiver of inadmissibility to overturn the laws governing unlawful presence. Only when they do this can they get return to the US. With the waiver, the application can be made in the US before leaving for the interview abroad by a consular officer that will determine whether they are inadmissible to the US.

It is important to engage a proficient immigration lawyer for several reasons. One is that it protects applicants from scammers. Cases have been reported where unscrupulous people have scammed applicants of money with the claim that they can help them with the application and getting it approved. Once they get the money, they simply vanish. This is risk that is eliminated when working with an immigration attorney who is accredited.

Another reason is that as an applicant, you may not be clear on whether you are eligible for the waiver or not. A professional immigration lawyer will. They will know whether there is one or one or more grounds apart from unlawful presence that disqualify you for the waiver.

The attorney will also know the right course of action to take to apply for the waiver. They will know the forms that need to be filled, the supporting documents that should accompany them and the right office to submit them to. Immigration documents are sensitive and even a minor cost can compromise the application or cause it to be held up.

The attorney will also know how to deal with the rejection of your application. For instance, if you are currently in proceedings to be removed from the country, you are not eligible for the waiver. This is unless at the time you are filing, the proceedings are closed and no application has been made to continue them. It would take an experienced attorney to work out such technicalities.

Having the outcome of the application of a loved one hanging in the balance can be anguish. Being separated from them while awaiting the outcome of the application is also hard. Putting their fate in the hands of a skillful Immigration Lawyer Orlando expert such as the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P. A is the best precaution and course of action to take.

If you would like to find out how an Orlando immigration attorney explains provisional waivers, click this link. To make an appointment with Frederic E. Waczewski, visit today.

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