Approaches To Securing Babies While At Work

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My partner and I both work as marketing professionals. More often than not, I would request my mother in-law to take care of the children. Lately, I was assigned to pay a visit to our Chicago branch thus my other half and also I would be staying there momentarily.

Mother agreed to care for the kids however I knew that she needed extra assistance, which was why I hired a sitter. And to further assure the protection of my children, my partner searched through nanny cams on the Internet and purchased what we needed.

Security cameras would be useful considering that I wished to defend my toddlers from possible nanny abuse. I had heard tales about kids receiving treatment unfairly by nannies and I never wanted my kids to experience the same.

Monitoring my nanny’s behavior would provide me the peace of mind which I needed. And simply because covert cams were usually disguised as typical household things, my babysitter would not believe that she was under close watch.

I asked my hubby to look for wired cams, since I wanted uninterrupted monitoring. Also, these kinds of security cameras would not be difficult to operate as they needed nothing more than a standard power supply.

My other half, meanwhile, became interested in black and white cameras with .003 LUX, as he wanted a thing that could still function under minimal lighting. He understood that I would place it within the nursery where the sitter would be staying while we were away.

I agreed to get an alarm clock hidden video camera that had the functions both of us wanted. This spy video camera was concealed inside a fully functional FM/AM radio that also worked as an alarm clock.

This got a sleep button, an alarm indicator and also an alarm volume control. This would work in spite of being placed in a dark baby room. After looking at several nanny cams online, my better half purchased this one. Afterwards, we put this over the shelf alongside other baby things and toys.

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