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The state of Arizona has a total population of about 6,482,505 for the year 2011. The data is based on the recent statistical report of United States Census Bureau. Arizona State is located in the southwestern region of United States of America. The largest capital city of the state is Phoenix. The big population increase every year because of immigrants and tourists who gets married and decided to stay in the state. Arizona Marriage Records are vital information of marriages that took place within the state. This important file contains a lot of significant information regarding the married couple.

Official recording of vital documents in the state were not mandatory until the year 1909. There are many records of marriage existed prior to the said year. Arizona marriage records are important dossiers that keep details of all marriages that took place within the state. The latest marriage files consist of the names of the couple, date and place of the marriage, and the judge, minister, officiate or priest who directed the wedding. Sometimes, there are other significant details included in the report. These are the names of their parents, witnesses and if either or both the couple had been previously married.

Marriages that happened in the late 1900s can be accessed and obtained for free. The state law considered it as a public record. However, not all are considered public these days. Some are obtained with corresponding fees. The public marriage records are essential for researchers because of the provided information reflected on the file. The mentioned legal documents are kept and maintained by the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county.

Both the bride and the groom must be present during the application for a marriage license. Minors must bring their parents or a legal guardian to give consent for the marriage. Applicants are not required to be residents of Arizona, but the ceremony must take place within the state. A marriage license is given 12 months to be used before it expires. A fee of $72 is paid during the application and it is not refundable. The law of Arizona states that during the ceremony, two witnesses are required to be present and they should be 18 years of age or above.

In order to get a copy of the marriage license, one must submit a request to the Clerk of the Superior Court. The money or check worth $26 is included in the request form as processing fee. Included in the request are the full names of each person involved and a self addressed mailing envelope with stamp. Complete information must be provided that consist of full names of the couple, date of marriage and place where the event took place. Retrieving a marriage record can be obtained via mail with a written request and a $26.50 fee along with a business sized self addressed stamped envelope or an extra $7 handling fee.

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