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Arizona public records have been made open to the public for their personal use. This was done after the Freedom of Information Act has been approved. There are several types of public records that can be accessed in Arizona.

The office of the Vital Records Section is where family type documents are being archived. This includes the birth marriage, divorce and death records of the state. These are records that are being used by individuals to prove their identities because the information on it would contain important dates and places where the incident or the event took place. One of the mentioned documents has limited information that can be found on it. This was done to avoid issues related to information sharing and to protect and respect the privacy of the people involved.

Another set of documents that can be obtained from the office of the Department of Public Safety are criminal records. These records are reported by any of the government agencies that enforce the laws of the state. Examples of these records are police report, arrest files as well as criminal history files.

The records of Arizona are usually named depending on where the file has been registered. There are court files, state, county, and city documents. These records are still managed and monitored by the government of Arizona. Usually state documents are those that have been on the file for quite some time and the county files are those recent documents. Most of the criminal files of the state are also considered as court records. The state would mandate to have a standard processing fee but it may change depending on where the document was obtained.

It is important to know where to obtain a certain file beforehand to avoid delay in the process. As mentioned earlier, retrieval of the record would incur some cost but this may not be the same for all counties. To hasten the retrieval process, it is necessary to have all the requirements and necessary information ready. There are procedures that have to be followed when obtaining a specific file. This can be different per document. Criminal records have strict requirements that have to be followed in order to get a copy of the file. This type of document also has controlled information on it.

Public court records are documents that have controlled information on it. This was done to protect the individuals involved. The same controlled information is found when the record is requested over the Internet. This is why many would go for the online search because of the convenience it offers.

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