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The residents of Arizona can request for their personal files ever since the Freedom of Information Act has been implemented in the country. The Arizona public records consist of several documents that the local residents can access whenever they deem it necessary.

Public records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce are documents that can be obtained at the office of the Vital Records Section of the State Health department. Such files would contain important information that is related to the said event or incident. Divorce records are one of the files where the information that can be found on it is being controlled in respect to the privacy of the involved individuals.

Criminal records are the other type of document that the state of Arizona manages. These are reports those that have been submitted by enforcing agencies of the state. Police reports, arrest records and criminal records are the public documents that the people of Arizona can access at the state office of the Department of Public Safety.

One would know where the file was issued based on the type or the name of the document. One can get a state, county, city or court records in Arizona. State documents are older files that have already been archived while county files are newly registered records. Criminal files are considered as county records. Certain fees have to be paid in order to get a specific type of document.

It is important to know where to obtain a certain file beforehand to avoid delay in the process. As mentioned earlier, retrieval of the record would incur some cost but this may not be the same for all counties. To hasten the retrieval process, it is necessary to have all the requirements and necessary information ready. There are procedures that have to be followed when obtaining a specific file. This can be different per document. Criminal records have strict requirements that have to be followed in order to get a copy of the file. This type of document also has controlled information on it.

Public court records such as land titles and criminal records have limited information on it. Some information has been kept away from the public to prevent unnecessary information leakage that may affect the privacy and safety of the involved individuals. These documents can also be obtained online instead of getting it from the office. The records are even more opened to the public since the files are displayed and managed online.

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