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Public marriage accounts and divorce records in the state of Arizona are housed and disseminated at the county level. Each of the fifteen counties in the state has a designated office that handles all Arizona marriage records and divorce decrees available to the general public. The Clerk of Superior Court has put up various procedures and requirements that all applicants must observed when ordering certified copies of vital documents. Requests are accepted through mail, by phone, or in person. As of late, however, some county offices are starting to accept requests done through the Internet.

Newlyweds do not necessarily get a certified copy of their marriage certificate on the day of their wedding. Records of vital importance normally go through a series of processes that sometimes take time to complete. In this case, marriage reports have to be filed at the state office before the legitimacy of the event can be recognized by the state of Arizona. This is the responsibility of the county registrar’s office. However, the original copy of the marriage certificate will remain with the county, which is why individuals interested in a certified copy of the said document will have to contact the aforementioned county court clerk’s office.

In the Copper State, the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Office of Vital Records is only capable of disseminating birth certificates and death reports. They do not have the authority to issue certified copies of marriage licenses and divorce decrees to the general public. If you were to order a certified copy of your marriage report in this state, you will have to do it in the county where you applied for your marriage license. The Department of Health Services’ official website contains various online portals to other government services and websites, including county information like office addresses and contact numbers.

There are varying procedures and requirements that all applicants must follow when ordering certified copies of marriage or divorce accounts. Each county has its own policies, which is why getting the appropriate information on how to acquire such documents is crucial, especially if this is your first time doing it. One way of getting accurate details is to contact the county clerk where the marriage took place. You can clarify your situation to the person on the other side of the line so he or she can guide you on the proper steps you need to take in ordering the vital documents you want to acquire.

Among the recent methods, tools and resources that have helped individuals in obtaining vital information more effectively is the Internet. Many of the government information services these days have included downloadable request forms and other online applications in most of their websites and online services. Since then, online requests for vital records have been quite popular among ordinary citizens who prefer to do gather data from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Furthermore, the wide capabilities of the Internet have also spawned a number of independent record retrieval websites that cater to our every vital information needs. The undeniable prominence of these record search providers has made them a popular tool among researchers and genealogy enthusiasts. Any individual, adept or otherwise, can access marriage licenses, divorce decrees and other vital records for a reasonable one-time fee. No red tape, no waiting periods, and no ill-mannered government worker scrutinizing mislabeled information in your application form.

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