Beating A Speeding Ticket Means Preparation

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Many drivers are not aware that they can learn about beating a speeding ticket very easily. Legal strategies are available that allow the defendant to not be stuck with a speeding ticket. Most of the states in the United States have their own version of the speeding laws but they all must comply with the two categories of these kinds of tickets.

The yellow ticket is a voluntary payment version and the pink ticket is one that requires mandatory court presence. The accused can choose from two different angles for defending themselves. There are guidelines online for following one’s defense.

The speeding ticket indicates what measuring tool was used to clock the speed of your vehicle. The choice of tools is the laser or radar as well as others. Once this has been established the second step is to print out three copies of the special case document. One copy will have to go to the judge, the second copy to the prosecutor and one will be kept by you.

The defendant should then carefully read the officer’s testimony against the defendant. In court, the officer must produce his testimony without reading the written testimony. He must be able to remember the numbers on the vehicle tag as well as the model, year and make of the vehicle. He must recall what measuring device he used and he must tell the court that it was working correctly and was calibrated.

If the officer is reading from notes the defendant has the legal right to object and look at the officer’s notes. If the officer has missed any points the defendant has the legal right to point this out in court. Many accused speeders do not realize that they have these rights and sit quietly in the court room and say nothing.

The driver also has the right to request proof from the officer that the measuring device was properly calibrated and working properly. If the documentation cannot be supplied then the officer has been unable to fulfill the required steps that the legal system requires to convict the driver. Many officers do not bring any documentation into the courtroom since very few defendants know to ask for it.

In the event that the judge states that this request is not irrelevant the defendant only has to remind the judge about case law and that you had brought a copy for him. It states that when the defendant requests evidence from the officer, the officer must provide it. If the officer cannot supply it the case must be dismissed. The judge cannot go against a Supreme Court ruling.

If in the event the officer does have documentation then the defendant should ask to look at the documentation to ascertain that it is on legally accepted paper. If the officer has brought the legally accepted paperwork the defendant should look for four important points. The serial numbers should match those of the make and model of the radar. If the officer used laser it must have been tested against a radar. He must also have the test certificate. If one test has not been documented the case will be dismissed. Beating a speeding ticket is easier than you think.

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