Being Less Worried If Leaving Your Brand New Home

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I remained together with my own uncle in California to know more about his own coffee shop business. He would like me to help him while he was setting up everything within his brand new shop in Third Street Promenade.

After several months, I moved to a brand new house. I had known that my own uncle had set up a couple of surveillance cams in the caf. So, I asked him where I can buy home security cams in Santa Monica for my place.

Surveillance video cameras are great for observing homes and businesses. Catching a thief, looking after a business or ensuring a kid’s safety are some of the concerns which can be dealt with through the use of a security camera.

Another uncle, which happened to make use of an identical security setup, firstly introduced monitoring camera systems, to me, on the other hand. These comprised video cameras, a multi-channel DVR as well as peripherals that would be necessary for surveillance. Given that the devices came as a set, I did not need to commit more time or funds to shopping for them separately.

I purchased a 16 channel wired DVR complete system which included a stand-alone 16-channel DVR, 16 wired day/night color video cameras, 16 100-foot video cables and a 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor.

My home was pretty huge and I desired to install video cameras in various areas including my room and the kitchen, backyard and garage. The setup had an embedded DVR thus I could look at real-time videos over the web. Therefore, monitoring precisely what was happening inside the kitchen area, for example, while my house help was around, is going to be less difficult.

My phone was always with me. Therefore, it was a great thing that the system could work with smart phones such as iPhone, Android and also Blackberry.

When I made a decision to buy home security cameras in Santa Monica, I never thought that I would discover some convenient package which would assist me to keep my residence in order. I am much less concerned right now for I’ve got the right tools to assist me to safeguard my new house.

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