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Death records are documents where details about how the person passed way as well as the date and place when it happened are indicated. A death record is documented in the form of a death certificate.

Death certificates are primarily used by the immediate family members to process transactions that involve the deceased. The family members cannot process the benefits and claims without presenting the death certificate of the deceased individual. In addition to that, the widowed spouse cannot remarry after if he/she cannot provide the death certificate of the late spouse. Other government transaction such as property declaration would require a death certificate.

As mentioned above, a death certificate would contain details about the death of the individual. One would be able to see the complete name of the deceased as well as the date when the person was born. Some states would include the names of the immediate family of the deceased. Other states would also include the funeral and burial details on the certificate.

When requesting for a death certificate, one has to know the process that the state follows. Not all states follow the same process and rules. The retrieval of a file would cost a certain fee, which depends on where it was requested. The charges can be per copy, per page or per request. In general, the only ones who can get a copy of death certificate are the immediate family members. To make the search easier, one has to indicate the basic details that can be found on the certificate as well as the contact details of the one who request for the record. One may need to wait for a maximum of 14 days in order to get the requested record.

Death certificates of any state can be obtained at the local county clerk office. Most states of the country have kept death records at the office of Vital Records Section. The request for a death certificate can be requested at any of the offices mentioned whichever is the closest. If one just wants to know about the death of an individual, one can also go to the local library and check out the obituary section of the newspaper archives there. However, this method is tedious and time consuming.

The use of the internet has changed the way death records are obtained. The obituary death notices that can be found at the library can now be found online. Doing the search online is the easiest and fastest method there is. It has eliminated the need to travel and go to any offices since the request can now be done even without leaving home. The results are then provided right away.

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