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Looking after the safety of the public is part of the job of Law Enforcers. However, it is also advisable that the public also performs preventive measures to make sure they do not get victimize by law offenders. Law Enforcers in the State of California face the burden of dealing with a lot of various personalities because of its huge population. California Criminal Records are made accessible for the public so they can perform their own investigation on people that they encounter day-in and day-out.

Important pieces of information that you can obtain from criminal records include arrest record, and police records amongst many others. Other information will also be revealed such as the name of the person searched, age, address, state where the offense was committed, court hearings if any, sentences, and a lot more. The pieces information is a compilation of records from Law Enforcement agencies.

It is the job of the Office of the Attorney General of the California Department of Justice to preserve and issue criminal documents. Any request from a single person or from a legally permitted entity is entertained at the office.

Any individual who wants to acquire his/her personal criminal documents should secure the California Background Check form and fill in all the needed information. The type of request should be for Record Review and the same goes for the Reason for Application. A completed Live Scan Form with a fingerprint attached is also required to be submitted. A fee of $25 is charged per copy while a separate fee needs to be complied upon for the fingerprints. Together with the result of the criminal documents search is a Claim of Alleged of Inaccuracy or Incompleteness form which is to be used for documents with lacking or wrong information.

Criminal records are considered public records and are therefore accessible by any citizen who wishes to access them. However, access to such records still has restrictions. Only criminal justice agencies, approved employers, and/or any individual empowered by law are allowed to access criminal records of other individuals.

If you are looking for a more convenient method to acquire the files, you can access them online through authorized providers. Public offices do have databases that they use to maintain criminal records but they normally require an ample amount of time to process requests. Professional record providers can get you the files much quicker because they have more experience and are more skilled. In exchange for their quality service, they charge a small fee with a guarantee that they return the payment if no file is found for the search subject.

Learn all about Public Criminal Records before you go looking for them. From online Free Criminal Records or in person, there’s one to suit your needs.. Unique version for reprint here: California Free Criminal Records.

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