California – Public Arrest Records

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Getting hold of a person’s criminal information is really not that difficult. If you know where and how to obtain the data you require, then running criminal background checks shouldn’t be a problem. Conventionally, visiting or contacting your local government offices is a prudent way to gain access to the documents that you want to acquire. However, because every state has different policies with regards to the access of public information, you need to learn and conform to these procedures if you want your request entertained, keeping in mind that some states are not as clear-cut or easy as others when it comes to obtaining public records.

For the inhabitants of the state of California, the place to go when you want to obtain California criminal records is the state’s Department of Justice. The California Department of Justice is the hub for all criminal information in the state as provided by its courts and various law enforcement agencies. It is responsible for the housing, maintenance and proper dissemination of public criminal data. Getting the information from this office assures the integrity, accuracy, and inclusiveness of the data you are trying to access.

The California Department of Justice keeps dossiers of arrests, convictions, and other criminal information of individuals in the state. Using a fingerprint search process, the department can obtain comprehensive criminal data in just a matter of seconds. All you need is a Live Scan Form specifying your intentions by checking the ‘Record Review’ option and a $25 fee. And since the search process involves your fingerprints, you may have to visit your local law enforcement office to have your fingerprints taken. The cost for the fingerprinting may differ between offices and police departments.

In contrast, acquiring a third party criminal record is much more complicated because of all the red tape. In California, the people who are given access to the state’s criminal database are the court officers, the police and other law enforcement officials, as well as approved employers who need the database for employment screenings and employee background checks.

Nowadays, with new alternative sources of background information such as the Internet, any person can easily obtain another individual’s criminal data. A computer or smart phone and an Internet connection is all you’ll need to run a quick criminal background check, thanks to the recent incursion of online services and websites that offer quick and easy criminal history searches. And even though there are sites that are purely scams, many of these online data-fetching services do have legit background search services to offer. The trick is to choose a data provider that offers a comprehensive database of criminal information as well as other personal data.

Accessing criminal arrest records online is no longer as arduous as before, especially during the pre-Internet era. Today, a small monthly or one-time fee can give you access to comprehensive databases that house criminal background data from virtually every state in the country. You won’t even have to open multiple websites just to gather enough information about a single individual. All the background information you need in one trustworthy source. How practical and convenient is that?

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