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In Canada, marriage documents and other vital reports are available at the vital statistics office in each of the provinces and cities in the country. Similar to how the United States treats such documents, Canada considers Canada marriage records and other types of vital reports like birth certificates, death accounts and divorce dossiers as public domain as well, and are therefore accessible by any member of the general populace. But like in any civilized society, there are proper procedures, requirements and fees that must be observed.

Unlike the processes involved in getting hold of your own marriage documents, accessing other people’s personal data entails a rather intricate procedure. Marriage reports are legal documents that contain delicate information pertaining to the couple and the other individuals involved. With that being said, it takes more than 75 years after the fact before the details of the event can be open to the general public. Otherwise, you will need a court order or a written consent from any of the parties whose names appear on the document itself.

Once you have the consent, you can proceed to filling up an application form that will clarify your intent in requesting access to free marriage records and other vital documents. This application form can be acquired in person at the vital statistics office in the province where the marriage took place or through online means by downloading the form from the office’s official website and printing it out. You can then submit the form in person or via postal mail along with the appropriate processing fees and administrative charges.

Furthermore, a clear photocopy of your driver’s license or any valid identification is also required when you submit your request. The processing period for mail requests can take up to five working days before you get the Canada marriage records you asked for. Although if you submit the requirements in person, the processing time can be cut significantly shorter as you may be able to get the documents within the day of submission. But make no mistake; these types of procedures will take time, due to the amount of processing it undergoes.

In comparison, opting for an online data provider will take significantly less time when trying to access vital documents. With this type of data resource, gathering any type of information will only take minutes or seconds, depending on how good your data provider is. This is actually one of the main reasons why many genealogists and full-time researchers these days are leaning towards online data retrieval services when trying to obtain vital information. If it’s files from Canada, the US or any of its territories you are after, going for such online sources will surely save you a lot of time.

Another clear benefit when opting for a reputable data search website is the cost. With online information fetching services, you can take advantage of the one-time membership payment package that gets you unlimited access to the site’s features, including its database of free marriage records from various parts of the US and Canada. If you do research professionally, the service can be a cost-efficient and practical way to gather vital documents and other relevant information.

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