Car Recall Issue Accident Claims: Important Information

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Over the past couple of years, global car recalls have been plaguing an already beleaguered industry. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA), in 2011 alone 15.5 million cars were recalled. Obviously, such vehicles are more likely to cause car accidents. If you’re a victim of such accidents, an established personal injury attorney would be able to help you decide if you are eligible for personal injury claims. These legal experts understand how to navigate intricate legal hurdles presented by the automobile company at fault and help you file a law suit against the automaker.

They also understand the gist of contemporary product liability cases. Their understanding stems from their examination of recent cases such as Johansson vs. GM of Canada which enables them to present a water tight case. The defendants nearly always plead any claim and your lawyers would counter to facilitate compensation.

Understanding Product Liability Laws

Liability laws are enacted to secure your safety as a consumer by placing responsibility on manufacturers. Because of these laws, manufacturers are forced to adopt the required safety measures when developing and manufacturing new and already existing products. Opting for a liability attorney saves time and money while also increasing chances of compensation by the responsible automobile company. Process Involved in Filing Recall Accident Claims

There are some steps you should follow to improve your odds of winning this claim:

Firstly, do a search for knowledgeable product liability lawyers. While there are lots of lawyers in Canada addressing this field, it’s important to search keenly. Always look at a lawyer’s background in terms of cases won and amount of compensation. Find out if they have sufficient expertise in car recall lawsuits and verify their reputation by reading reviews or even visiting your local Bar Association. Conduct an initial interview to gauge the attorney’s grasp of recent recall cases. Also determine if the attorney is willing and eager to listen to you and cater to your needs. At this point, ask if there’ll be any class action or just how long your case will probably take.

Reconciliation of documentation; all information about your accident including witness accounts, police reports and, doctor’s assessment and final investigation records has to be obtained. The attorney should review the auto manufacturer’s warranty and safety guarantees. A review of accident reports will help to determine exactly what caused the accident and if personal injuries sustained were caused by the crash.

Assessing recall notification; this is a crucial stage because liability laws dictate that a manufacturer must make an early report on defective products and in a detailed manner to ensure all customers are forewarned of imminent danger. If your lawyer can prove negligence on the part of the car manufacturer, you can win this case. Next the lawyer will file your claim and all parties will be notified. In case of no notification, your lawyers will file different claims such as breach of contract and negligence.

These cases usually require a great deal of time simply because they usually involve lots of blame shifting. Having product liability lawyers tackle these issues would give you the essential peace of mind as you recuperate from your car crash. However, there aren’t any guarantees that you’ll win such cases because if an automobile manufacturer proves you ignored their recall notice, your case could collapse. Furthermore, the duty of proving your claim falls on your lawyers and because of their experience; you ought to be able to make sure you get justice.

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