Claims For Whiplash Injury

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If you are involved in an accident that has caused whiplash damage to a loved or yourself, you’ll want all the compensation you can get to ease the financial burden of potential medical expenses, vehicle damage, and lost work hours. The first step in this is making sure to take note of all evidence following the accident. If you take the proper notes and record all damages to yourself, your vehicle, and any structures, you are going to have an even better chance of building your winning claim for compensation.

Whiplash is an injury caused by an abrupt jerking movement of the head, normally as the result of an accident. Whiplash claims are normally the result of road traffic accidents. In addition, around 20% of accidents where a vehicle is hit in the rear result in whiplash injuries. Many injuries arise from impacts occurring at low speeds.

Although whiplash injuries are mostly caused by accidents, there are other activities that can give rise to this problem. For instance, sports activities such as boxing and wrestling can cause whiplash injury. Protecting yourself from trips, falls and blows also reduces the risk of whiplash injuries.

The two types of whiplash are known as chronic and acute. Although women are more likely to have chronic whiplash due to weaker neck muscles, it is perfectly reasonable to think that both genders suffer from this. Acute whiplash is what happens when the ligament and tendons in the neck suffer damage, but this type has a more rapid rate of recovery. Chronic whiplash can easily last from a few months to several years and is much harder to define. For this very reason, you are urged to see a doctor following road traffic accidents, even if you think you haven’t sustained any serious harm.

One particular study cited by the NHS reveals an average recovery time for an acute whiplash injury as 32 days. Out of approximately 2,600 participants, 12% had failed to recover six months later. Typical symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffness or swelling coupled with fatigue. In more severe cases dizziness, tinnitus, long term memory loss and even depression can occur, leading to higher payouts in whiplash claims.

Compensations for whiplash claims are primarily determined by the severity of the injury, although there are other factors that may be considered. For example, assuming two men are involved and one of them is the breadwinner of the home while the other makes only a small portion of the total income, the breadwinner will be given a higher compensation because the financial impact on his family is greater.

A person with personal injury claims or whiplash claims that are still suffering from pain within three years must make a claim. The earlier this claim is made, the larger the chance of a person being compensated. This is why it definitely pays to report injuries as soon as possible.

Settling your whiplash injury compensation does not have to be a daunting task. Contracting an experienced lawyer can help you arrive at a settlement that will be satisfactory. Have you suffered a whiplash injury due to a road traffic accident? Clear Law Online are no win no fee whiplash injury claims specialists. Visit or call 0808 256 4925 for no win no fee compensation car accident claims.

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