Colorado Marriage License

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Acquiring important records has been simplified nowadays. A lot of sources can be used in order to find specific papers of births, deaths, marriages and divorces. Over the Internet, a number of websites can be selected from in order to get hold of Colorado Marriage Records without excessive work at all.

In 1875, statewide registration of vital records was formally introduced, but unluckily, adherence to this was inconsistent. However, an improvement occurred in 1900 when tracking birth and death certificates became very effective. During this time, a lot of documents of marriages were still separately maintained by each county clerks. Nowadays, marriages that happened from 1900-1939 and 1975 up to the current time can be obtained from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Vital Records.

Typically, marriage records contain information on the marriage of two individuals. This includes the date and place of marriage, sometimes the names of the mothers and fathers, and even the people who witnessed it. Marriage certificates issued by state and local governments oftentimes include the place of residences, and even the maiden names of the mothers.

In Colorado, access to this data is given only to the person whose name is on the data, members of the immediate family, legal agents and others who show valid reasons for ordering the information. In addition, since January 1, 2007, petitioners should submit legal proofs for wanting to get the file.

Applicants must take into consideration the charges in ordering for this information. For marriage certificates, there is $17 fee and a $10 extra charge for every additional duplicates of similar file requested at the same time. All requests can be addressed to Colorado Department of Health together with the payment made through check or money order. In requesting through fax or phone, one must pay an additional bill of $5 via Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express Card. Official copies can be acquired from the Clerk of District Court in county where the marriage license was given.

Marriage Records are useful tools in order to navigate genealogy research. More often than not, they are deemed primary source records, basically because they are recorded by an eye witness at the exact time of the marriage. Eventually, the Internet has permitted this information to be accessed at online archives for easier use. You have the advantage of getting this data online free of charge or fee-based depending on the nature of your urgency. If you want quality results though, choose the one that values your money through fee-based system.

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