Criminal Charges Avoided With Help Of Lawyer

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At one time, an individual stopped for drunk driving would have been given a slap on the wrist penalty and faced social embarrassment. However, the state laws in effect today make the charges for such action much more serious. If facing this crime, individuals can often benefit from help provided by an Akron lawyer. Without this help the suspect may lose his freedom.

Drivers convicted of a DUI in Ohio can lose their professional licenses as well as their freedom to transport themselves around town. Unless found innocent, the driver will lose his license and incur substantial fines. In addition, the driver will face mandatory incarceration.

In Ohio, the charge formerly known as DUI is now known as an OVI. When facing these charges, an Ohio criminal defense attorney provides the best option of defeating the crime. The individual needs the help of the legal representation both in the police station and the court room.

While the term drunk driving indicates to many that they would need to be wasted or drunk to face the charges, this is not true. The term is misleading. The only requirement is that the person consumes enough alcohol to affect reactions or actions.

In order to be proven guilty on an OVI, the government must prove that the driver was impaired beyond reasonable doubt. However, if the government fails to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt or the attorney creates doubt in the mind of jurors, they vote not guilty. The charges are dismissed.

A numerical OVI charge is based on the person testing over the legal alcohol limit. While the impairment charge is subjective, the numerical charge is based on complicated tests. The attorney must be experienced in these cases to find errors in the case being presented against the driver.

With the help of an experienced legal counselor, it is possible to stay out of jail and minimize the fines. In addition, it may be possible to keep the license and minimize other penalties. However, the driver must have his or her rights protected from the time of arrest by calling on an attorney for help.

If charged with OVI, citizens have the legal right to representation. An Akron lawyer, with experience in such cases, provides the best defense. To win these cases, lawyers must be aggressive in their defense. Without quick help, citizens may face more serious consequences from this type of case.

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