Discussing More Details Pertaining To Firearm Legislation

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There are many different kinds of serious crime areas and firearms law can be one of the more complex. It is also an area covered by serious crime lawyers. The british media often focuses on issues relating to firearms law. Serious crime lawyers London are the experts to approach with any concerns or problems relating to this area of the law.

Examining the variations of firearm law is a good place to start in the first instance.

The Firearm Certificate Issued only to UK residents, this includes shotguns and rifles with magazine capacity bigger than two. It also covers airguns that have a muzzle energy grater than 12ft-lbs. The certificate covers possessed firearms, as well as information about the amount of ammunition that can be acquired. Possession of automatic, semi-automatic or pump action rifles is not allowed with this certificate.

The Shotgun Certificate This details the serial numbers and other information of shotguns that are possessed. There are also permanent restrictions on gun capacity with this certificate.

There are other certificates that cover citizens visiting the United Kingdom.

Lawyers and solicitors specialising in firearms law can give you advice on a range of issues of concern:

Giving advice/representation to registered firearm dealers and certificate holders connecting to aspects including grant, refusal, renewal or revocation of certificate.

Negotiations with licence authorities and Proof Houses.

Giving advice to licensed dealers on sale ad manufacture of all nature of firearms.

Representation and advice in relation to the buying/selling and ownership of firearms and other articles including knives.

Representation in court for those that are being accused of crimes relating to possession of firearms and/or other weaponry.

Advice and representation at police stations for detainees under investigation.

A wide range of gun holders end up needing legal advice, from those collecting militia memorabilia to antique store owners. Seeking legal advice as soon as possible is in the best interests of the dealer, especially since it can result in revocation of licence and certificate. It is important to research legal professionals that have a reputation for defending respectable members of society so they can continue their livelihood. This includes defence of those that make honest and genuine mistakes with insurance or certificate issues. Draconian penalties exist for firearms possession, so it is advisable to seek legal advice in most cases to avoid maximum penalty.

Serious crime lawyers at Lewis Nedas deal with a variety of legal issues, including firearms law. If you’re facing problems relating to these legal issues, talk to serious crime lawyers London for expert advice

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