Divorce Records In New York

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New York Divorce records are categorized into two: divorce decree and divorce certificate. A divorce decree is the original divorce document that was filed at the county where the separation was granted while a certificate is the archived record that can be requested from the office of the Department of Health.

The name of the couple can be found on both the certificate and decree. It also includes the county where the separation has been legalized along with the date of approval. The sensitive information is kept only on the decree to respect the privacy of the couple. Information such as the custody of the children as well as the asset division is kept away from the public.

A divorce record in New York may not be the primary document used in genealogy research but it can pose a problem in the future if the family history is not updated. When a divorcee wants to marry again, the divorce certificate has to be presented in order to proceed with the marriage. Others would use the divorce record as a reference when checking out the marital status of tier partners. By doing so, they can ensure that their partner is single just as they claim they were and they can avoid problems when deciding to get married.

The state of New York has only started to issue divorce certificates since January 1, 1963. The cost for the retrieval of a New York Divorce record is only $30. This is the cost if the file was obtained from the office of the Department of Health under the Vital Records Section. Additional charges have to be paid if the request was made elsewhere. Although the record is one of the public documents of the state, only the husband or the wife is given access to the file. Others can view the file provided that they can secure a court order form the courthouse of the state. The basic information about the document that is being requested is also necessary to make the search a lot easier and faster.

The office of the Department of Health under the Vital Records Section houses all public documents of New York including the divorce records. This is the first place to go to when planning to obtain a copy of the divorce certificate or decree. Other alternative in requesting for a file would include sending a mail order to the office. This method, however takes a while to get the results. Another way would be the phone request which takes a maximum of 7 days only to get the requested document. Another way to obtain a copy of a divorce record in Texas is to do the search on the Internet.

Getting a copy of the divorce decree and a divorce certificate in the state of New York is now faster and convenient thanks to the Internet. Many would use this new technology to get the document that they need since it can save them time and effort.

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