Finding the best immigration lawyer in Australia

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Selecting an immigration lawyer to get your application for a visa to Australia is not that easy. It requires a bit of research, and confidence that the work will be done by a confident person who knows the job. It also will depend on how much money you will spend on a particular work. Combination of all these will influence the outcome of your application for a visa to Australia.

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) provides registration to lawyers and practitioners who offer immigration assistance and representation to people. It is a criminal offence in Australia to give immigration assistance and representation without being registered with the OMARA. Those who are registered with the OMARA are called registered Migration Agents.

Migration Agents in Australia must maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance. They also have to have a professional library, and participate in continued professional development to keep up to date with latest immigration laws. All migration agents have a unique registration number.

In order to be a Registered Migration Agent, one needs to have a lot of academic and moral qualifications. Therefore is not just an easy task. The strictest monitoring by the OMARA makes migration advice industry in Australia one of the best group of professionals in the world.

As I said above, selecting a migration agent is crucial to a person’s future dream in Australia. People always ask, who is the best migration agent in Australia. Who can do the work with the best capabilities and who can charge a reasonable amount of money.

Hiring the best migration agent Sydney can be costly but it is always worth of doing your legal works with the best people in the industry. Prices charged by average agents can be viewed in the website of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

To name a top immigration law firm in Sydney, is Immigration and Citizenship Australia. Mr. Christopher Levingston is the principal solicitor. One of the most acclaimed immigration law specialist in Australia, he is an industry leader. He has been in practice for over 26 years.

Being the best immigration lawyer in Australia, Mr. Christopher Levingston has a very high rate of success in his cases. Besides, his charges are very reasonable comparing to his other counterparts. At times, the quality of an immigration lawyer becomes so critical that a person’s entire life and future prospects depend on the lawyer’s confidence.

Services provided by Christopher Levingston is second to none. It is not the quality of services, but the legal costs of the highly acclaimed lawyers would be the central question whether to engage this firm or not.

Immigration Lawyer in Sydney Mr. Christopher Levingston said, skilled migrants are the future of our country. They are the strong pillar of our economic backbone.

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