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A small town business owner looking to hire more employees, a parent who wishes to acquire the services of a nanny or a house sitter, a financier thinking of loaning money to a recent acquaintance – all of these individuals have one common concern; making sure that the person they are dealing with are trustworthy. One way of resolving this issue is to run criminal background checks. Criminal records are open to the general public, making it easily accessible upon request. The state of Florida has a wide collection of Florida police reports and criminal history profiles that can be accessed in various government offices and online sites for a reasonable fee.

Knowing whether a person has lived in other states besides Florida is a good way to start the process of checking his or her criminal background. So you will know how deep or wide you have to search. For instance, it won’t make any sense to run a nationwide background check on someone who has never set foot outside the state of Florida. It would be more practical to just perform a basic statewide criminal records check. The Division of Criminal Justice Information Services keeps all criminal profiles in Florida, so it would be sensible to begin the process in this office.

On the other hand, if the person whose criminal history you are checking on has lived outside of Florida for quite some time, the e-Government Criminal History Services of the FDLE can check the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s comprehensive database, which houses criminal information from every state in the country. Convictions in the federal level are stored in the FBI’s criminal database as well. You can visit the FDLE website for more information about the procedures and requirements in obtaining criminal history profiles and arrest reports.

The Criminal History Service, which is another one of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s many public service programs, provides the general public with computerized access to the state’s criminal database via a name-based search. The service will cost you $24 per name. But for the same amount, you can opt to send your request through mail with the personal check or money order safely tucked-in. Another exclusive program by the FDLE is the Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System, which offers criminal record access to authorized establishments and organizations that deal with minors, seniors, and the disabled.

In addition, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Sex Offender Section is open to the general public as well, for no charge. Here you can view criminal history profiles of all registered sex offenders in the state. Perfect, if you want to run background checks before hiring a nanny, housekeeper, or employees that will be working in or around your home.

Despite the proven track record of government information programs and services, a reliable online record provider can still be a good and better source of criminal histories and arrest reports. For an affordable one-time fee, registered members can get unrestricted access to any online police records and criminal history accounts from counties and states all over the country, including US territories.

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