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The implementation of the Freedom of Information act in 1966 has mandated to have death records to be accessible to the public. In the state of California, the death of a person is announced in newspaper obituaries and death notices. The Department of health Vital Record Section manages the California death records.

In California, death certificates are used for several reasons. It is one of the documents that are used when doing a family history research. It is also used in processing legal matters named after the deceased like claiming insurance and transfer to titles.

The information of the person who died is indicated on a death certificate. It would contain the person’s complete name, address and age when the person died. Information about the cause of death of the individual is included. Important dates such as the birth date and when the person died are clearly stated on the certificate. The details of the funeral are also included on the record such as the final resting place of the person and the date of the interment.

The retrieval of a death certificate would only cost $12. The payment has to be addressed to the office of the Department of Health under the Vital Records Section. It can be sent as a cash or check payment. The record can only be requested by the immediate family members of the deceased.

Death certificates in California are available at the office of the Department of Health under the Vital Record Section. It can also be retrieved from the county where the person died. There are also third party providers that offer their services to get the record. People usually take advantage of such services when they have no time to spare to get the records themselves or those who are not on the county where the person died. Another way to get the death certificate of a person can be done by using the Internet.

The development of the Internet has made the death record search convenient. The search can be done even without leaving your home and the file can be obtained with just a few clicks. A lot of websites now offer to search for the record for a certain charge. The money spend with the services of the website is worth it since they give out the complete information about the deceased. Although the fees differ per site, most of these websites has a refund policy where they refund the money you spent if the record is not found.

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