Georgia Public Arrest Records

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One of the documents that you can make use of for running a history check is arrest documents. If you are doing it in the State of Georgia, you can obtain Georgia Arrest Records from the police departments or at the sheriff’s office. The government allows the public to access the documents because they are deemed as part of the public domain.

To begin a search, you must be able to supply a few details about the documents you want to obtain such as the name of the offender, his place of residence, gender, birthday, and others. Supply as much information as you know because it increases the possibility of locating the correct documents. You will be charged with a certain amount of fee for the documents. The amount will depend on where you are requesting them from. If you get unlucky and the documents you are searching for are not located, you will not be given a refund.

An arrest is recorded regardless if it resulted in an incarceration or not. It contains the name of the offender, the nature of the offense, and the date and place where the arrest was executed. You can also find descriptions of the physical features of the offender and some personal information. If the offender is not proven guilty of the case charged against him or her, the record will be expunged. The records are forwarded to the State Police Department, and subsequently, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Arrest records are recognized by all the other states. So even if you transfer to another state, your records will remain the same.

It is allowed by the court to request your own arrest records. If you find a mistake on your record, you can make a formal request the office in-charge of your records to correct them. You may also have a warrant that you do not have any idea about. Arrest warrants are unexecuted arrests. If you can settle the issue, which you are being given warrant for, sooner, there is a good chance that the arrest will not be executed and your record will stay clean.

Government agencies that maintain arrest records maintain an online database. From that database, you can obtain a request form. You need to supply some vital information and then send it back to the specific agency-in-charge. If you want another source for retrieving the records, you can search for online service providers that specialize in supplying arrest records to the public upon request.

You can get a lot of useful information from online search tools. However, it is crucial that you determine if the pieces of information you are provided with are real. In conducting an Arrest Search, you must first check if the search tool is credible or not. Although most of the search tools found on the Web is legit, there are some which are not. Try referring to the feedbacks of past clients and find out if they are satisfied or not.

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