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1 – Does the process server present an established reputation locally?

It is very important to pick a process serving company that has direct practical knowledge working with the judicial system. Two items the process server should know about are: how many attempts are necessary for rule 106 (substitute service), as well as the courts presently using e-filing. If they’re well established then they are going to have their very own baskets at the court.

2 – Exactly how successful is their serve rate on papers? On average, just how long does it take the papers to be served?

It isn’t difficult in any way to ascertain the successful serve rate for a Houston process server. You take the complete amount of papers for the month and divide it by the total quantity of served papers for the month. A success rate higher than 85% is the true mark of a very good process serving company operating in Houston. If the serve rate is below 85%, I’d look in other places.

Ideally, you will want to work with a Houston process server that serves 50%+ of its papers in the initial 10 days. If your needs are not being satisfied you need to search for a new company. Tell-tale warning signs are delays in service, and a 5 day gap with no attempts to serve the papers to the present address.

3 – What type of technology have they got? Is there a client portal?

There has recently been a shift in the way in which Houston process servers contact customers, as well as, how citations are managed. If the process server you are employing does everything through their cellular phone it is time for something new. Regardless of whether they are good at their work it’s time for them to become modernized. The main element in handling citations is an web based “Client Portal”, in my opinion. A client will no longer have to interface with a human to receive a status update. The activity of the customer’s paper will be displayed in real time, and so they will fully understand up to the minute what is going on with it.

In addition to asking these questions, and doing research about each Houston process server you’re looking at, have confidence in your gut. It is very important invest some time when choosing an organization. An indicator of an inferior business is that they are not aware of or won’t explain to you their operation analytics, and they are continuing to use dated concepts. In other words, they do not have a client portal. The worst thing you can do is hand over your paper and cope with the annoyance 2 weeks down the road when absolutely nothing has been accomplished, plus they will not call you back.

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