How I Caught The Cookie Culprit

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It was pretty odd to discover the cookie jar on my work table empty every two days, when it was supposed to go on for a week. I worked at home then. Sooner or later, I decided that it was the moment to utilize a hidden nanny camera system to find the perpetrator.

My uncle had provided me some gadgets and informed me that hidden cameras were designed to keep watch over people as well as places even during your absence. They appeared like regular items thus no one would have any idea that they were being watched.

It just so happened that he gifted me a desktop speakers hidden video camera last Christmas. It certainly works as a two-piece speaker system which you could make use of together with CD/DVD players, MP3 players, iPods as well as PCs. You can even connect headphones in and change the volume.

Being a wireless video camera makes it really convenient since you will not need to worry about all that chaotic, messy cabling. You can readily change its position at any given time.

The nanny video camera is a black and white camera having .003 lux. This can take clear images in the dark. All it needs is some faint lighting coming from the TV or a night lamp.

This covert video camera was situated perfectly in front of the cookie jar on my computer table. I often went out in the afternoon to do some chores and suspected there was something going on at these hours.

I let the surveillance camera record for 3 days. As expected, the full cookie jar on a Monday had only one raisin oatmeal cookie on a Wednesday. I watched the playback and I was shocked to find out that the cookie culprit was the neighbor’s capuchin monkey.

He got in through the catwalk that I had installed several months back for my Bengal. My hidden nanny camera system worked flawlessly and I am pleased it wasn’t a cookie-obsessed ghost.

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