How I’ve Discovered My Spouse’s Surprise Just Before She Told Me

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My spouse and I are really conscious regarding our own safety. We always make it a point that our own home is safeguarded against trespassers which could hurt our children. However obtaining an alarm clock covert camera for our room might not have been one of my best ideas – simply because I didn’t tell my spouse about this.

Covert cams are not new to us, to start with. We have installed a lot of them around the house to keep track of what goes on every day. We’ve got one within the dining room, the living room and each of the kids’ rooms.

We do not wish for something terrible to happen but, should something awful does arise, at least we would have a recording of the event we need to tell the police about.

I was able to sleep at night peacefully immediately after I obtained the nanny video camera for our own room. Wireless video cameras similar to it are very hassle-free as you could put them almost anywhere and anybody would not know that they are, in reality, surveillance cameras.

This kind of hidden camera has a completely working AM/FM radio alarm clock with a big LED display. This has a double alarm, alarm volume control, sleep button and also easy-to-see alarm indicator.

I had the wireless version which came with a free 2.4 GHz receiver. In case you have the black and white camera with .003 Lux that I likewise do, then you can grab good images even if the lights are out. This is suitable for me since my wife and also I want to turn the lights off whenever sleeping.

However the blooper about not telling my wife that I got this surveillance video camera set up in our own room was I was able to see that she was concealing a gift for me on my upcoming birthday.

As soon as my birthday arrived and she surprised me after getting up in the morning, I truly found it difficult to act surprised. The alarm clock hidden camera had already informed me everything several days beforehand.

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