How The K3 Marriage Visa Works

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A K3 marriage visa, also known as a K-3 non-immigrant, is used within the United States of America by a foreign-citizen spouse of an American civilian. This type of documentation is meant to shorten the period of separation between couples. It allows the foreigner the opportunity to have a non-immigrant visa while overseas and enter the States while awaiting the approval of his or her petition.

Following the approval of a petition, recipients will then apply to adjust their current status to permanent resident. This is carried out through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, a part of Department of Homeland Security. The spouse must have the immigrant petition completed by his or her US civilian spouse and consequently, must meet all requirements laid out for an immigrant visa.

United States immigration laws mandate that foreigners who legally marry American citizens outside of the US must register for the immigrant documentation in whatever country they were wed. If eligible kids are involved, they will receive K-4 documents. Both K-4 and K-3 documents give individuals the right to stay in the United States while they wait for their petitions to be approved.

In regards to this process, spouse is defined as a legally wed wife or husband. One is not categorized as a spouse for merely living with a person. Likewise, cohabitation does not qualify marriages for immigration. Common-law couples may be qualified for immigration based on the laws of the country in which this marriage occurs. For polygamy situations, the first spouse is only eligible for immigration. This immigration law does not apply to same-sex couples for the purpose of immigration to America.

There are a few steps that must be carried out to complete the process. The first involves the filing of the petition. This must be done by the American on behalf of the foreigner or foreigners, children included. After that step, completing a visa application is necessary.

Several documents are required in order to complete this type of application. Examples of required documentation: birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, valid passport, photographs, evidence of relationship and financial support, medical examination and more. There are also fees issued for certain services in the process that must be paid in full. Total payments will vary from case to case.

The amount of time it takes to receive the desired documentation is expected to range. Some individuals may have a delay because they did not follow instructions properly and were not thorough or correct. Some applications may be in need of further processing, which adds to the total waiting period.

The K3 marriage visa and K4 visa are special documents used to keep families together in a country while visa petitions are pending. These documents are used to shorten the length of time for which families have to be apart during the process. There are many steps in the process. To keep the process as short as possible, it is best if individuals pay attention and complete all requirements to the best of their ability and knowledge.

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