How To Deal With Criminal Acts

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A crime is an act that violates the prescribed laws. When a crime is committed, emotions of pain, sorrow, anguish and anger become noticeable, particularly if the crime results in the loss of lives. Citizens find it compulsory to obey the laws as they know that certain penalties await those who are guilty of any criminal offense.

Unfortunately, obedience to law isn’t always revered by some individuals. Every country is pervaded by unscrupulous beings, particularly those who have no regard for the rule of law. To support this statement, here are the most popular crimes committed around the world:

Arson is defined as the felony crime dealing with the act of intentionally setting a house or a building on fire. Initially, arson only covered the burning of a house. Now, arson also includes the burning of homes and other structures. When a person dies because of arson, the criminal act is murder.

Homicide is the crime that focuses on the killing of a human being. Even though used synonymously with murder, homicide holds a broader scope than the former. Courts have considered this distinction between homicide and murder, often citing that homicide doesn’t necessarily constitute criminal acts at all times. A murder, on the other hand, is a grave killing of human being that is characterised by a deliberate intent to kill. Such unlawful killing, according to law experts, is usually completed with malice aforethought.

Rape is the unlawful act of performing sexual intercourse devoid of actual consent. In rape, the penetration or intercourse might be accomplished through violence and other forms of coercion.

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