How To Determine If Your Marriage Is About To End

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Marriage emphasises the beginning of a couple’s life together. When the bride and the groom marry, they form a marital union that requires them to commit to each other for the rest of their lives.

Are you having a tough time growing together as a couple? Are you having problems getting along with your wife after several years of living together? Are you growing tired of your incessant fights? If you think your marriage is beyond redemption, you might have to consider filing for divorce. Here are signs that signal that filing for divorce may be the best decision you can make for your marriage:

The special connection you once had is gone. That dreadful stage of uncoupling has permeated your relationship a long time ago, and you both know that you no longer want to be in each other’s arms. In fact, you try to avoid being together. Worse, both of you prefer spending time with friends and other people. According to Elayne Savage, the author of Breathing Room: Creating Space to be a Couple, this behavioural pattern manifests disengagement from the marriage.

You have stopped communicating. You may not notice it, but a happy relationship necessitates open, honest communication. In fact, intimate exchanges help spice up the bond of married couples. The absence of stimulating communication lines may only prove that your marriage is faced with major issues.

You stopped having sex. Intimacy is a crucial foundation for any relationship. It is certainly not a good sign if both of you are able to sleep on the same bed without touching or longing for each other.

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