How To Keep Safe Within The City

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Living within the city is really different than while I was living in a farm in Montana. I miss the sense of peace. The stress comes in the heels of a burglary incident next door. Jeremy slept through it but was stunned as soon as he discovered it the next morning. More than his stuff, it was the thought the intruder might have harmed him.

So, country girl me made a decision to be prepared. House alarm systems, based on the cops, are among devices which could provide the best home defense. They are inexpensive, easy to install and effective in warning property owners about unusual activity inside the area.

Loud noises usually call attention to others, the officer said, or keep burglars from continuing with their planned entry. For people residing in condominiums, he suggests a wire free home security motion sensor. Movement coming from a range of 8 feet will trigger the alarm. And this can sense activity inside a 110-degree angle.

My brother inside Montana makes a decision to call me and I explain my predicament. Get a pet dog, he said. Well, the next best to a dog, based on my online search, is an electronic barking dog alarm. Through radar wave sense control, this detects the existence of another person drawing near to the door and sets off a really realistic barking sound.

Volume is adjustable as well as the effective length which range from ten to twenty feet. And what is awesome is the sensor works through wood, cement or glass. Nothing like my own pet dog Max in the farm but it could work.

Jeremy, out of shock, likewise asked around for the best home alarm system. A friend into gadgets stated he had heard of a tiny alert alarm that came with infrared technology.

When switched on, Jeremy says it creates an infrared triangle undetectable to the trespasser until he steps within the area and will jump the moment the 110dB alarm is triggered.

There are numerous options within the city. Sigh. However I have to settle for the best home protection that I can find the money for for the time being.

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