How to patent an idea

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Patents include the rights supplied simply by the government to an individual to have an innovative product or idea which can be transmitted or modified into a money raising strategy or may be very theraputic for the growth of economy. however there’s one most critical question and that is would have to be answered. “can you patent an idea”.

Often when clients visit their patent attorney they question “can you patent an idea?” The answer of it is quite complex but the usual answer of the attorney is “it depends”! To know if you can patent an idea, it is necessary to understand the type of idea for which you can fill a patent application.There are mainly two types of ideas for which patent application can be filled:

1)Concrete ideas: – concrete ideas are those which can be given a tangible shape and design like machine.

2) Abstract idea: – abstract ideas are the types which can’t have a very tangible outcome just like a formulation to gauge the movements of share market.much like Section 101 with the United Sates Patent Act, one can possibly patent an ingredient which is “new and useful process, machine, manufactured or composition of matter”. An summary idea is counted as a process and so it has 50% odds of receiving patent. However, before you decide to fill the patent form and make sure that:-1 our idea should be detailed and mustn’t be a vague idea about something.2)Your idea is capable of bringing in money.3)it should not be a pure abstract idea like a mathematical formula.4) It should not be a personal belief which can’t be proved through scientific reasoning.5)According to the Section 112 of the us Patent Act, an idea should allow “a person skilled in the art” to “make and use” the outcome of the idea or invention.Unless and unless you idea is capable of enabling an experienced person to use it, you are able to patent an idea.

There’s a special provision for ‘Enabling Requirement’, do feel it as it answer the question “can you patent an idea”. Reading all the facts and process of patenting as yourself: – ‘can you patent a thought?’ understanding the answer act accordingly.

Be swift and smart in applying for the patent as any delay can make you lose the evident right. Ideas are intangible and for that reason hard to protect from being copied. You can now come up with an idea similar to that of yours. Techniques take vita steps at right time without any delay. As you don’t know whenever you reach patent examiner’s office someone may have already got a patent for a passing fancy idea. We do hope you get your idea patent at right time. Best wishes for the idea hope you obtain it patented.

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