Illinois Arrest Records

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As the fifth most populous state in the country, the state of Illinois has close to 13 million residents. But the state is not without its share of criminal elements. Like its neighboring states, the prairie state has quite a number of felons, convicts and serious offenders. Having said that, a number of cautious citizens are doing their part to try and make society a little bit safer by relying on comprehensive background checks through the access of Illinois arrest records and other criminal data. This can help determine individuals that have a tendency to commit crime.

If you find your new neighbor acting quite suspiciously, it is within your responsibility to try and figure out what he is up to. With all the religious fanatics and the sex offenders hanging around, you can never be too careful. These days, it is difficult to really get to know a person’s true intensions. And after what happened on September the 11th 2001, it has even become a lot harder to trust individuals you barely know. That is one of the reasons why record retrieval services are gaining quite the popularity nowadays.

In Illinois, known to its residents as the prairie state, the Illinois State Police handles all the criminal data for the state through its Bureau of Identification. With over five million fingerprint files in its database, the bureau can disseminate all types of criminal history reports in a matter of minutes via its Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Law enforcement officers and authorized agencies can access arrest records free of any time consuming procedures and arduous requirements. This method has allowed police to quickly identify suspects, fugitives, and other dangerous elements.

When it comes to public access to Illinois arrest records and criminal history profiles, the state’s Bureau of Identification accepts requests for around sixteen dollars a name. You have to complete a request form and submit it through the mail together with the appropriate fee. For employers wishing to do a criminal background check on potential applicants, a fingerprint-based search is also available for twenty bucks per name. And since this search option is considered to be more reliable, it is the popular choice among many business owners and serious researchers.

Individuals who want to check out their own complete records for review purposes can do so by simply visiting any law enforcement office and submitting their own fingerprints. The search is free and easy. As far as accessibility is concerned, only arrest reports that have resulted in conviction are available for public access. Pending arrest and criminal history profiles are only available to law enforcement and authorized agencies and employers.

However, for a more convenient and practical source of information, many experienced researchers resort to commercial data fetching services. These types of services can provide comprehensive information regarding any criminal background profile. The absence of arduous procedures and requirements has made it popular among many business owners and private citizens alike. And the one-time joining fee that gets you unlimited access to arrest records free of any extra charges and hidden costs has also made online retrieval websites more cost-effective.

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