Importance of a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you own a television, then you’ve probably already heard one of the numerous commercials that usually start something like this: “Did you slip and fall down in an accident? Then you need a personal injury lawyer!” Some cynics might definitely want to dismiss those commercials as some sort of lawyer money-making scheme but the undeniable truth is that, when people experience a personal injury-especially a slip and fall – then having a consultation with a personal injury attorney, accident lawyer, or slip and fall injury lawyer is the best way to go.

A personal injury attorney is simply an attorney who handles the legal representation of somebody who is claiming a physical or psychological injury as a result of carelessness or any other wrongdoing from an organization, person or other entity that may be held accountable for said injuries in a court of law. Several personal injury attorneys specialize in particular areas of injury-such as mishaps, slips and falls, or other on-site injuries.

A lot of different cases may be handled by a personal injury attorney. Slip and fall accidents is one of the most common personal injuries that are brought to court. A personal injury attorney who is a specialized slip and fall injury lawyer is then the right person to consult to handle the specifics of a slip and fall case. There are unique cases of slip and fall injuries and samples are the ones which happen in areas like offices, malls and other business areas wherein the owner of such establishment may be held reliable for the incident, if they are found to be at fault with the accident. These cases are referred to as premises liability where in the landowners have the liability to be responsible for injuries on their land which occurred due to possible negligence on their part.

The personal injury attorney handling the case can seek legal action in compensation for the damages due to negligence. These damages may be physical or psychological, depending on the extent of the injuries occurred and any further-reaching consequences which happened as a result. After taking into consideration the full extent of all of their injuries, a slip and fall lawyer may seek to receive maximize compensation for their client.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example of a typical slip and fall injury case. Imagine that you are walking around a shopping mall soon after it opens for the day. Unbeknownst to you, an employee at the shopping mall was only just washing the floors in front of a certain store and did not mark the area with any cautionary signs. Since you are unaware that the floor was slippery, you walked on it, slip and break your hand. All the burden of enduring the pain from the injury, paying the hospital bills and the stress of trying to work at your office job with a broken hand will definitely soak you up. This is where a slip and fall lawyer comes in and he will be able to seek compensation for all those physical injuries, hospital bills and any psychological pain caused by the injury together with its impact on your job.

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