In What Ways Can A Houston Disability Denial Attorney Assist You

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Under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act and the Social Security Disability Insurance, workers who are injured or became ill in the course of their employment are entitled to benefits. If these benefits are unjustifiably denied, the aggrieved worker may bring the case to the proper forum. This is where a Houston disability denial attorney can help.

Here are 5 reasons why seeking the help of a Houston disability denial lawyer is the best recourse:

You Need Someone to Explain your Rights

A Houston disability denial attorney will discuss your rights under the pertinent injury compensation laws. Who would better explain these things than someone who has a better understanding of these legal programs. In addition, he will apprise you as to the benefits should an injury or illness arise.

You Need Help Filing an Appeal

A Houston disability denial attorney will help you file an appeal on your behalf. He’ll make sure all necessary requirements are complied with and ensure everything is in order. As a legal professional experienced in these areas, he will initiate the resurgence of the case and request for further hearing to obtain favorable judgment on your behalf.

A lawyer who will act as an advocate of your cause

As an advocate of your cause, a Houston disability denial attorney will represent you before the hearing panel to enforce your claim for benefits. Having a legal professional by your side will put more odds in your favor.

You Need to Re-file your Claim

If you are successful in your claim denial appeal or receive an administrative instruction to re-file all or part of your claim, a Houston Disability Denial Attorney can help you with this process. The attorney can review your initial filing and determine what additional paperwork is needed to complete the file and obtain an affirmative response.

To assist you in the next steps

In the event of denial of your claims, a Houston disability denial attorney can discuss your legal remedies. He will tell you what actions to take regarding your denied claims. Also, he will acquaint you of any available options to redress your predicament.

Any of these reasons are justification for hiring a Houston Disability Denial Attorney. You should seek the advice and counsel of a qualified lawyer to help you navigate the appeals process and represent your interests before any hearing or appeals board. An attorney can provide you with the best opportunity to prevail in your appeal and hopefully overturn your claim denial.

The experienced Houston Disability Lawyers at Brauchle Law Firm, PLLC, help claimants who have been denied benefits. Learn your rights today during a FREE consultation with a Houston long term disability attorney.

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