Indiana Public Marriage Records

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Indiana marriage records are one of the public documents that can be accessed by the local residents of the Indiana. This document is used as the proof of union of a couple.

The details about the marriage are documented in the marriage certificate. The names of the couple are indicated on the record. Details about the ceremony are the highlights of the record. This includes the date and place where the marriage was conducted. One can also find the names of the couple’s parents along with the names of the sponsors and witnesses.

Genealogy research is one of the common reasons for accessing a marriage record in Indiana. It is used to update the family history tree. One would be surprised with the information it can provide since the occupation of the couple is indicated on the family book. A marriage record is also used by some to verify the marital status of the person they are dating. There are some that would present themselves as single though they are not just to date other women. Checking the marriage records of the one they date can be helpful especially is their relationship is at the point of marriage.

The process for the retrieval of a marriage record would vary in every state. The difference is greatly observed in the fees or charges. In Indiana, the standard fee would cost $8; however, the fee also depends on the county since only the office of the county clerk releases a copy of a marriage record. As other states may release certificates at the office of the Vital Records Office, in Indiana, one can only get this at the county clerk office.

In Indiana, only marriage that has been registered from 1958 can be obtained. In order to get a copy of the record, one has to be able to provide the information of the file that is being requested. In addition to that, the contact details of the one who request for the record such as the name and the address has to be provided as well as the reason for accessing the file. A maximum of 14 days is needed for the record to be released once it is requested for retrieval. The search would take even longer if it was requested through mail or phone order. With the introduction of the Internet, there is no need to wait for days in order to get the marriage certificate.

Requesting for a marriage license record now is a breeze, thanks to the development of the Internet. Those who cannot personally go to the office would prefer to search for the record online. The record is displayed on the screen after doing a few clicks of the mouse. This is the fastest and convenient method compared to any traditional ways.

It is never too late to perform a Marriage Records search today. Begin the lookup by checking on the Public Marriage Records online.. This article, Indiana Public Marriage Records has free reprint rights.

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