Information On Making A No Win No Fee Claim

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Are you familiar with “no win no fee” claims? These agreements are between a law firm and client and indicate that the client does not have to pay legal fees if the case is lost. On the other hand, be aware that the lawyer will be entitled to compensation if he or she wins. A law firm will receive what is called a “success fee.” Typically, these no win no fee claims involve cases that deal with personal injury. If you are considering pursuing a no win no fee claim, there are some important criteria to consider.

Not all cases will qualify for the no win no fee agreement. Cases where you only pay upon success generally can be classified into one of the following categories: wrongful death, work injuries, malpractice and accidents including construction, bike, auto, airplane and more. Legal action for these cases generally seeks compensation for some type of wrongful act by another. If you think you may qualify for a case where payment hinges on success, contact a lawyer for more information.

Often, free consultations with lawyers are available. This will help you to determine if your case qualifies for a payment upon success plan. Attorneys generally decide if they think they can win the case before taking on the case. After all, they want to take cases that they can win so that they get paid. Look around and carefully find a lawyer that you think can meet the needs of your specific case.

When you are pursuing a case where payment is only rendered upon success, you are responsible for gathering all pertinent information. You will need to find evidence and documentation as required. Once you find this evidence, make sure you keep it in a safe place. This evidence may include hospital records, receipts, medicine information, prescriptions, employment records etc. Be careful and make sure you are thorough in your information collection process. Also let your doctor know that you have given your attorney the right to access medical records as needed.

With no win no fee cases, you will not owe the attorney fees should the case not be won. However, you may be responsible for other fees like court filing fees and witness fees. These can be expensive, so it is wise to plan for the possibility of these expenses early on. Perhaps you should set the money aside before you file just in case. Choosing a good lawyer will increase the possibility of success and will make these fees less likely.

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