Keeping Swimming Pools Secure And Also Kid-Friendly

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After years of preparing, my spouse and I made a decision ultimately to have a place in the backyard excavated to to become a location for a swimming pool. That way, we could enjoy the summer season at home without the need to visit jampacked water parks as well as beaches.

But, we discovered that a pool could be a danger zone for our toddlers, especially if they are able to go there unsupervised. To be able to solve this concern, my partner recommended that we put in a pool alarm as a safety measure for our home swimming pool.

Pool security alarms are useful for notifying homeowners to someone having fallen straight into the pool. Once the alarm is triggered, I can run immediately toward the backyard to look into the area and ensure that no person is drowning within the water.

I followed the missus’ recommendation, that led me to look for pool alarms on the web. By doing this, I discovered the Pool Protector and made a decision to give it a shot for our backyard swimming pool.

The pool safety alarm which we bought came with a base unit, that I put into the pool deck, a remote receiver which can be mounted inside the house for up to 200 feet away, and a 12-volt power supply. Given that there were absolutely no wires and difficult installations, I put it immediately in the pool for a quick test.

The moment I switched on the unit and half-submerged it in water, its motion detector was ready to detect automatically virtually any motion that disturbed the water’s surface. When activity is discovered, the alarms in the base unit and remote receiver is going to be activated instantly.

One more feature which I like most about the alarming gadget is that it is tamper-proof, as I am the only one that can set the pool security alarm into sleep mode. In case somebody attempts to disarm it without the remote, the alarm will also be activated.

Apart from making sure that my children do not drown unintentionally, our pool alarm has also been an effective gadget to keep the pet dog from drinking and playing in the water.

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