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Kentucky is one of the states that have allowed its local residents to access public documents. One of the documents that can be accessed is the Kentucky marriage records. A marriage certificate is automatically generated whenever a couple is joined by marriage.

One of the top common reasons for accessing marriage records is to conduct a genealogy research on the history or a certain family. The information that can be found on the record is used to update the family tree or book. Aside from that, it is also used as when processing transactions in the government like insurance and the like. Others would secretly check on the marriage files of their partners to make sure that they are really single as what they claimed to be. This can help the couples to avoid problems when they plan to get married.

Only records from June 1958 can be obtained from the office of the Vital Records Section. Marriage that has been registered prior to the said date can be obtained only at the local county clerk office where the marriage has been registered. The retrieval of the record would cost only $6 per copy.

One can request for a marriage certificate in Kentucky in a number of ways. One can personally request the file at certain offices. The office of the Vital Records is where the public documents of Kentucky are being managed including marriage records. If going to the state office is not possible, one can obtain the document at the office of the county clerk where the marriage took place. One has to provide the basic information of the file that is being requested in order to make the search easier. The contact information of the one who request for the record is also necessary along with the reason and an identification card to proceed with the request.

If it is too much of a hassle to go to any office to file the request, one can try to call the office of the Vital Records Section at request for the record there. One can also send the request form by mail. Just input all the necessary information about the certificate to prevent denial of the request. With these two methods, one has to send the payment via check or a money order since the office does not allow credit card payments. By choosing any of the two options, one must know that the result of the request will be delivered after several days. This can now be avoided with the use of the Internet.

It is faster to get a copy of a marriage certificate through the Internet. The search for a free marriage records online is now the trend for the busy people of Kentucky. Not only that it helps them to get the records faster but they can also save a great deal of money because they can do the search even without spending a cent for gas.

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