Knowing a Good Patent Lawyer

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Things to Look For in a Patent Lawyer

Every time an inventor begins to craft a new invention, he or she should start thinking about hiring a patent attorney. Many people wait until fairly late in the invention process to do this, but it is actually a good idea to look at patent lawyers early. This is one way to ensure that your patent lawyer knows precisely what is going on during the process and that he or she can offer legal tips if required.

Patent lawyers play a myriad of parts during the invention of a new good. One of a patent attorney’s first tasks, for instance, is to ascertain that a particular invention has not ever received a patent previously. If the attorney finds a patent has previously been issued, he or she must instantly warn the inventor so that crucial changes can be made to the plans for the project or it can be stopped before it has progressed any further.

If the invention process proceeds smoothly, a patent lawyer’s next major role is to secure the necessary patents for a product. Since products frequently need more than one patent, this process can become tedious and drawn-out. You may need to expend some time and effort in order to locate a great patent attorney. The tips below can help in your search.

1. Research the educational background of each patent attorney you are considering. While it is, of course, necessary for him or her to hold a law degree and to have passed the bar in your state, there are other things you should consider.

You should, for example, find out in what area of study each attorney you are considering got his or her bachelor’s degree. This can be a deciding factor in who you ultimately hire. A lawyer who has prior knowledge of your field will have a more clear understanding of the products you are inventing and why certain patents are necessary.

2. You shouldn’t hire a patent lawyer who lacks at least several years of experience. This way, you can look at his or her success rate. You want to hire an attorney with a high rate of success. If your original patent lawyer is unable to get you the necessary patents, you will need to start the process from scratch with a different lawyer. This is a hassle you should avoid if at all possible.

3. Don’t hire a patent attorney who has poor communication skills. You cannot predict when you might determine that you need a new patent or need your lawyer’s advice about something regarding your invention. If your patent lawyer lacks good communication skills, you could easily be left overwhelmed and irritated.

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