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It is beneficial to get an experienced immigration lawyer in Seattle to represent your interests if you are dealing with an immigration matter. It can be difficult to understand all of the relevant immigration laws and processes. A lack of knowledge can lead to deportation or having a visa request denied. A law firm that specializes in immigration provides services related to deportation, citizenship and naturalization, visas, as well as other areas. A Seattle immigration lawyer can help you resolve the legal issue you are currently facing.

A very common issue many immigrants face is attempting to get a green card or getting a green card renewed. In order to legally become a permanent resident in the United States, you need a valid green card. Some people are able to obtain a green card through family members who are able to petition on the person’s behalf. Individuals who are skilled workers with an existent job offer can have their employer petition for them.

If being deported is a major concern, an experienced immigration lawyer can assert a strong defense in your favor. The Immigration and Nationality Act allows lawful permanent residents to request cancellation of removal. This provision is application to individuals who have been a legal permanent resident within the country for at least five years; have lived in the country for at least seven years; and do not have an aggravated felony conviction.

It is possible to prevent deportation by applying for asylum. For some people, being deported can be very dangerous and lead to persecution in their native country. Some people face the strong possibility of being persecuted due to their religious beliefs, political beliefs, or their affiliation with a group if they are forced to go back to their native country. It is important to get a skilled legal representative to assist you throughout the asylum request process. It will reduce the probability of getting your request denied.

If you are interested in becoming an American citizen, there are different routes you can take in order to achieve that status. Certain permanent residents have the qualifications needed to become a citizen. You may have acquired citizenship if either of your parents were American citizens when you were born. It is also possible to have derived citizenship if one of your parents became a citizen when you were a minor. Being a war veteran within the United States military is another way to possibly obtain citizenship.

Once a person becomes a citizen, there are many benefits associated with that status. Citizens have the right to vote. They can also run for political office and get certain government jobs. When you become an American citizen, the status is permanent and cannot be revoked. You can easily travel to different countries and not be denied entry back into the United States. You can also help other family members by petitioning for them to get into the country.

There are certain aspects of immigration law that can be quite complex. There is more to immigration law than merely filling out forms. In some instances, cases need to be litigated. The federal laws may change based on the political climate in this country and other countries. A skilled immigration lawyer will remain abreast of recent policy changes and understand how they may benefit or harm their clients’ cases.

Schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer in Seattle if you need assistance with an immigration-related issue. A qualified attorney will review your case and provide valuable legal advice. Retaining skilled legal representation is integral in helping you reach a successful outcome.

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