Main Benefits and also cons of having a Polish citizenship

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A Polish citizenship provides many benefits and numerous people who have Polish mother and father however who are born in other places around the planet enjoy double citizenship. The rationale why they don’t surrender their Polish citizenship is because they can take pleasure in the rewards of being an EU resident. This is also the reason why numerous of those who gave up theirs in the past are struggling to reapply for a Polish citizenship to make the most of European union citizens privileges. Almost all individuals going with European citizenship save 100s or even thousands of dollars from visa applications since Euro passports don’t require visas to get around the world other than, except for a few countries. Apart from being free to visit any part of the EU area, there are a lot of pros to possessing a Poland-issued passport.


All resident European Union citizens may be qualified to medical health insurance when needed. Although it may not be attainable for those who are not citizens of the EUROPEAN UNION, medical care rewards are really vital especially if you are traveling in areas apart from your own. To be able to be entitled to this benefit, you have to take with you a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and should live in any of the affiliate nations in Europe.


Polish nationals are granted the privilege to study in any Euro member nation and are granted discounts if they register in universities that they like. A few Polish residents make the most of this to be able to go around Europe and have the best education there exists. Sometimes, rich EU nations give or present free education to all of its citizens.

Job and Internship

Having a Polish citizenship signifies that you can conveniently be employed in any nation in the European Union without acquiring work and other types of visas. A few individuals relocate to other affiliate countries for much better opportunities and also higher wages. Being a citizen of Poland indicates you will not be restricted from doing work in any Eu country.

These are just a few of the advantages that persons get out of owning a Polish citizenship. There are also cons, however, and that is obligatory army service for people who are within age limit along with restricted consular security if you have dual-citizenship. This means that if you get in mess in Poland, you can’t invoke your legal rights as a citizen of another country and also look for help from the consular office of that nation to help you stay clear of mess. This is also correct if you have disregarded the legal guidelines in a nation where you are a citizen in, besides Poland. You won’t be entitled to seek the help of the Polish consular office to help extricate you from a tough situation. Alternatively, you can seek either of the consular offices to assist you if you get in problem in a nation where you are not a citizen in. To sum it up, having a Polish citizenship provides folks with much more gains than its shortcomings. It is your option to select which is ideal for you because Polish citizenship is equally as good just like any other Euro citizenship.

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