Mississippi – Where To Find Arrest Records

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Populated by almost three million residents, the state of Mississippi maintains quite a staggering number of public documents. And less than half of those accounts are most likely police and incident reports. But running criminal background checks and getting access to Mississippi arrest records is not as difficult as one might think. When you know which agencies deal with this matter, and what the procedures are in obtaining police reports, it really isn’t that hard to get the criminal history profiles you need. Getting a hold of your own criminal records is relatively easy, all you have to do is follow procedures and submit the requirements accordingly.

The Mississippi State Highway Patrol is the law enforcement agency that is responsible for all criminal history profiles in the state of Mississippi. It oversees the state’s Department of Public Safety, as well as its division, the Criminal Information Center. State and federal law enforcement agencies can access all kinds of arrest and conviction reports filed in the Magnolia State via the fingerprint identification service, which is offered by the Criminal Information Center. Moreover, this division also serves as the main depository of all criminal history accounts in the state, which makes it the perfect source for any individual wanting access to arrest and conviction data.

Because criminal history accounts in the Criminal Information Center are specifically organized to adhere to fingerprint searches, all requesters must submit a fingerprint card with their fingerprints on it, together with the request form. Fingerprint cards are available at the office or at any local law enforcement agency where you will have your prints taken. Fingerprinting fees may vary between agencies, so you should visit your local police station to enquire about the cost. Once your fingerprints are taken, you can send it by mail, or have it sent electronically to the Criminal Information Center.

The state of Mississippi’s Criminal Information Center does offer criminal background checks, but only to state and federal law enforcement agencies and approved employers and employment agencies, which are required by the state to run background checks on potential employees who will be working with children and the elderly. Ordinary citizens, however, can still conduct criminal history searches through the Mississippi State Department of Health’s online criminal records search services. Like the Criminal Information Center, the state’s Department of Health also keeps an extensive database of all criminal accounts that can be accessed through online means.

However, for comprehensive criminal background searches, independent record search websites are quite reliable sources, especially for individuals who do not want to waste time following bureaucratic procedures. These days, there are quite a few decent criminal record providers that can give you access to not just arrest records in Mississippi, but to criminal profiles from other states as well. For a one-time payment, you can perform unlimited criminal record searches, tapping an extensive database that houses comprehensive criminal information. If a person has a record somewhere in the states, you can pretty much guarantee that these record search services can help you find it.

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