Monitoring Your Teen’s Behavior Whenever You Are Out

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Zac grinned. Our child assured us he would take care of everything. Susan held my own hand as we left in the taxi. “He is 18 years old right now. I am positive everything will be okay,” she mentioned. I was not convinced.

Susan and I argued the week before over leaving Zac on his own at home as the two of us took a much-needed break in Florida. She won out as usual and I agreed to go, but not before setting up surveillance camera DVR equipment to be able to monitor Zac’s activities.

I purchased hidden cams. Overt security video cameras allow you to monitor your house or workplace for security or check on your loved ones or staff. Hidden cams are tiny monitoring cameras hidden in everyday items just like clocks or radios so they can’t be seen.

I hung a contemporary wall art hidden camera inside the living room. This is a painting however with a video camera taking high-quality 1280×960 video.

An air purifier DVR covert camera monitors the dining area. This is a real air purifier with a two-speed ionizer and detachable filters. This comes along with a remote control, USB cable and instruction sheet.

I slipped a blu ray case DVR covert camera into the DVD cabinet inside the entertainment area where this blended right in with the other discs. Its camera is on the side of the case, taking VGA-quality video. I can also take pictures with it.

The first 2 surveillance cameras save video on SD cards about 32 GB as the blu ray case nanny camera supports SD cards around 16 GB. The 3 record constantly or on the motion detection setting, that simply records activity. I like motion detection because I can view any recorded action quickly without looking through hours of empty video.

Susan was right, in the end. The video coming from our security camera DVR equipment showed Zac being busy cleaning and also fixing things around the house. I was pleased. Now, Susan and I are planning to spend 7 days in Canada.

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