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The United States Census Bureau revealed the latest population of each state in the United States of America. California State has approximately 37,691,912 as of July 1, 2011. Sacramento is the capital city and it is located on the West Coast of the country. California State is considered to be the most populous and the third most extensive state. With big populations also comes with great number of crimes reported almost every day. CA Police Records are one of the most important required files in every person depending on the reason of the company or the person.

In United States of America, every citizen has the right to request or have full access on their personal criminal record anytime and can be kept private under the privacy act law made by the government. Such report is one of the major requirements for every individual who is applying for a job, getting a license, determining identification, security clearance, applying for immigration or visas, school purposes and for possible criminal investigations.

It is the California Department of Justice office that keeps criminal and police records of the people in the state. This government office maintains and updates any latest and histories of possible crimes and summary records of arrested individuals. The criminal files shows the detailed information of a person, which includes the complete name, address, age, date of birth, height, weight, race and gender. Any aliases, maiden or former names are stated in the mentioned report. Additional details consist of accounted convictions and the outcome of each charge.

Violent crimes including murder, attempted murder, assault, battery, rape and sexual assault, abuse, animal cruelty is being made by a person it will appear in the record file. If a firearm is being used or present during the crimes scene it will be listed on the mentioned reports. Other crimes like traffic crimes, property crimes, tax evasion, perjury, fraud, disorderly conduct and drugs are also listed in a criminal record.

There has been a law created that would enable individuals to have full access on their personal files that includes access to the abovementioned documents. It provides safety and security to the person as well as the requesting party. The said records can be updated and requested at any law enforcement offices within the locality. Requesting the said file can be performed by means of calling the office, mailing a request or accessing the online services offered by the government. Complete information is needed to verify the full name and location of the person searched. The processing fee for the records may vary depending on the number of copies and other additional processing fees.

There are also Free Police Records being offered in some public websites or companies offering search services to the general public. These sites include a complete list of offenders living in a particular country whether that person is under incarceration or parole or has been pardoned by the state. The Federal Bureau of investigation of the state offers an online service for citizens to easily request, update and check the availability the said records.

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