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New York Department of Health Vital office Records Section maintains New York birth records. Such documents are considered controlled documents since the office only releases the document to the person whose name is reflected on the record. It can only be obtained from the birthplace of an individual.

Residents of New York use the birth record for several of reasons. It is mainly used by the citizens to trace the history of the family. Checking the population of New York is done by the government using the birth records. These documents are important requirements of a job application. It is also one of the important documents asked by any government office when doing legal matters. Parents of adopted children can be easily traced using the birth certificate.

It would contain information such as the complete name of the person, birthdate, place of birth. The full name of the parents and the doctor who assisted with the birth is also indicated on the document. The document also contains the weight at birth, height, gender and time of birth.

Birth Records that were filed since the year 1881 can be requested from the Certification Unit of New York’s Vital Records Section. Unfortunately, people who were born in the boroughs of Queens and Richmond from 1881-1897 cannot be obtained from the Department of Health. Also, birth records which are registered in Albany, Yonkers and Buffalo before 1914 must be requested at the office of New York’s Local Registrar and the document should have been stored for 75 years and the person stated on the document has to be dead in order to be obtained for genealogical reasons.

In New York, a $15 fee will be asked for a certified copy of the record, while an $11 fee is required for a genealogy copy. Requesting for a genealogy copy will take a maximum of 10 months to process. This would include a three year index search, re-filing of the microfilm and printing of the birth certificate. When the genealogy search exceeds three years, the charge is higher. The records can be retrieved personally from the office or mailed to the address of the requesting person. It can also be sent via fax. By far the most common method of accessing this record is through the internet.

With the help of technology, searching for birth certificates has been faster than the usual way of requesting for the record. Accessing public birth records in New York has helped those who have moved out of the state. There would be no need to travel to where they were born instead they will just have to go online and search for the document and it will be provided in just second. Online retrieval of the record still requires basic information about the one who requested for the information and a processing fee.

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