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New York marriage records are only one of the public documents that are accessible by the residents of the state. The marriage record is archived at the Vital Records Section of the Department of Health Services.

Conducting a family history research is one of the top reasons for accessing marriage records in New York. It is also the required document when processing any government transactions such as insurance and declaration of property. It is also one of the documents that are required when undergoing legal separation.

A lot of information can be found in a marriage certificate. It highlights the details about the marriage. One can find information about where and when the marriage took place. Basic information about the couple can also be found such as the bride and groom’s complete name as well as their birth date. One can also find other relevant information about the marriage such as the name of the couple’s parents and the people who were witnesses to the wedding.

The office of the Vital Records Sections has marriage records which were registered since 1914 for some county of New York such as Albany, Yonkers and Buffalo. Marriages that were registered before the said year can be requested at the county where the marriage took place. It would cost $30 to process the retrieval of a marriage certificate. One has to present two valid identification cards. A copy of the marriage certificate can be obtained after 10-12 weeks since it was requested. Rush request only takes a maximum of 4 weeks but additional fees are needed.

New York marriage records are managed by the Department of Health Services under the Vital Records Section. The request can be done directly from the office by filing the request form. One can also do the request through a mail order that includes the payment in the form of a check or a money order. This method usually takes a while to obtain a copy of the certificate. With the development of the technology and the Internet, one can easily obtain the record even without waiting for several weeks.

Online retrieval of a New York marriage record is by far the fastest method in retrieving the certificate. It can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse even without leaving the comforts of your own home. A free marriage records search can be done; however, its results may not be of quality compared to that of a paid search. One can be sure of the quality of result that you get when taking advantage of the services offered by a paid website.

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