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The local government of a certain state in the country has been mandated to allow its local residents to gain access to their personal files. Ohio divorce records are one of the files that the people of Ohio can access. Divorce is the option chosen by married couple who thinks that their relationship is no longer working.

A divorce record in the state of Ohio contains information about the separation of a married couple. One would be able to know the names of the involved individuals. Details such as the date and place where the separation took place are also indicated on the file. However, not all important details about the separation are found on the public document. This includes the reason for the separation as well as the division of properties and custody of the children if there are any. This was done to respect the privacy f the individuals as well as to protect them from public scrutiny.

Most of the state of the country has kept their public documents at the office of the Department of Health under the Vital Statistics Section. This is also the same for the divorce records of Ohio, but unlike other states where one can obtain certified copies at the said office, one would not be able to get a certified copy of a divorce record at the state office in Ohio. The office can help give information about where to get the document.

It is only at the county where the divorce was granted that a certified copy of the separation can be obtained. The retrieval fee would vary per county. This is especially true if the one who request for the record cannot provide the necessary information needed in order to get a certain document, the cost would then be a little high. The state of Ohio has managed to keep records since 1949. Records prior to the said year have to be obtained at the office of the Court of Common Pleas.

It is necessary to be able to provide the basic information about the divorce to make the search easy and fast. The search would usually take a maximum of 15 working days especially if the there are a few information provided for the search. Not just anybody can obtain the divorce records; only the involved individuals are given access to the document.

The Internet has made the retrieval of marriage and divorce records easier and faster. This process has shortened the wait time to just seconds instead of weeks. This has eliminated the need to go to any office to just file the document since it can be obtained even at home and the results are displayed in just a few seconds.

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