Ohio Police Reports

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Ohio police records are reports issued by law enforcing agencies of the state to document a certain incident. The police Department as well as the sheriff’s office usually reports crimes and theft happening in the state while the highway patrol group is the one responsible for road accidents.

The police records of Ohio have been opened to the public for awareness and to be wary of their own safety. However, the information that can be found on it is still limited especially for the public access. Usually if the crimes are just light and simple the report may only be a one page report, but if there have been a lot of committed crimes the report may be longer and complicated. A public record contains information about the suspect as well as the victims. The sentence given as well as the charges is also indicated on the file.

Although the police record is a public document, the record also has limited information on it. Details about the witnesses can only be found on the private document along with the information about the investigator who took the case. This is done to protect those mentioned individuals public questioning and scrutiny. Investigators would also be protected from the criminals who are related to the case. This way, the investigator would be able to continue with the investigation without sacrificing their safety. Records of juvenile individuals are also kept hidden as mandated by the laws of the country. The said information is only made public after the incident has been closed.

Background check is one of the top reasons for accessing the police records in Ohio. Employers are one of the many who request for the said file. They use it as a reference to check the criminal history of their employees. Nowadays conducting a background check is a requirement to avoid future problems in the workplace.

IN order to get a copy of the file, a fingerprint scan has to be done. This is possible through the Attorney General’s office at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The office uses a web check system that can identify those who have records and those who have pending arrests. The system is linked to the office of the sheriff in order to provide accurate and reliable results. This is one of the online services that the state of Ohio uses.

Online retrieval of a police record in Ohio is now made possible. There are so many websites out there that offer to do the search. Some can do a free records search other would do it for a certain fee. Online retrieval is very convenient since the results are obtained faster thus one can be aware of their safety faster.

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